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Lord of War Gel Blasters was the first retail outlet shop based in Cairns. Lord of War has been supplying Cairns and Far North Queensland with the best and largest range of Gel blasters and related products and accessories for the last 4 years. Our team of dedicated staff with over 55 years of retail experience you're guaranteed excellent advice, service and after-sales support for any and all of your Gel blaster needs.

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Over the 4 years, we have seen the Gel Blaster industry and range and quality of the Gel Blasters change dramatically. The early days they were made from plastics and were only available in a small variety of models to choose from, there was very Limited parts and upgrades available.

Further along, came Nylon designed Gel Blasters with stronger more durable gears and body designs. With this, we saw an increase in models released and a boom in the industry as with the increased models available, people had such a large choice to choose from. Next, Gel Blasters were released with Metal gears providing them with a great increase in durability against wear and tear.

This then expanded and there has been an influx in full metal designed Gel Blasters in all manner of makes and models, providing customers with a very extensive range to choose from. Further to the full metal Gel Blasters we now have full Metal Gel Blasters that are powered by C02 bulbs, green gas, HPA systems and more as the industry just keeps expanding. 

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If you're living in Cairns or visiting Cairns, drop in and see our extensive range of Gel blasters at Lord of War and talk to our knowledgeable team. You can test one of our many models of Gel Blasters in our indoor range or arrange to have your own custom metal Gel blaster built-in store based on your design! We also offer a large number of spare parts, accessories, upgrades and much, much more!

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