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There is something truly satisfying about the Alpha King R1 M870 shotgun that many people cant put their finger on. It could possibly be the fact that this blaster has heaps of metal components and that it feels very comfortable to handle and use, with a very nice overall weight. It could be the fact that it uses brass capped shells to fire and that you load them from the bottom like a typical shotgun, with 4 in the tube and 1 in the chamber. Or it could be the awesome sound that it makes when you cock the blaster backwards and forwards to load and chamber a round preparing it to fire. But for me its all of the above that make it one of the best shotugns out there for realism sake and just general performance out of all other shell ejecting blasters on the market. If your looking for a true blue shotgun that performs, feels and sounds awesome. Then this is the blaster for you.

  • 1 x AKA R1 M870 Shotgun
  • 4 x Red Brass Tipped Shells
  • 1 x Packet of Gel Balls
  • 1 x Stock
  • 1 x Long Allen Key
  • 1 x Screw for Stock
  • 1 x Set of Safety Glasses
  • Tip 1 - (90% of the time your new gel blaster will come with a fully charged battery) Charging batteries, charge your included Lithium battery between 1-4 hours. When charging with the included wall charger the light/s will flash on and off whilst in charging mode, then once it is fully charged, the light/s will turn to a solid green colour. Never leave the battery charging unattended as it could start a fire if there is a fault in the battery due to incorrect use or charging. Never leave the batteries charging more than 4hours as they can overcharge and fault the battery so it will no longer work or possibly start a fire. We advise charging your batteries on the sink or on the stove where ever is safe if a fire was to start so it can be controlled and not destroy what you have the battery sitting on while charging. We recommend only ADULTS charge the batteries due to risks involved when charging batteries. ©LORDOFWAR
  • Tip 2 - When you notice a performance drop in your gel blaster, that will indicate the battery is becoming flat. Stop using your gel blaster and recharge the battery straight away as running the battery flat has a likely hood of damaging the cells permanently and you may need to buy a new battery. ©LORDOFWAR
  • Tips 3 - When Growing your gels in standard temperature tap water, they need to be fully submerged underwater for a minimum of 4-5 hours. Once you have grown your gels, leave them in water and keep them under 30 degrees and not in direct sunlight for a maximum of 2 weeks for best performance. ©LORDOFWAR
  • Tip 4 - Once your gel balls are ready for use, strain any excess water off before use, do not fully dry them as they need dampness for lubrication to work properly. ©LORDOFWAR
  • Tip 5 - Opening or upgrading your gel blaster will void your warranty. This includes any disassembly of your gel blaster, upgrading spring or any internal parts. ©LORDOFWAR
  • Tip 6 - If your new purchased Gel Blaster came with a 7.4V battery when purchased, then that is what it was designed and built to use. If you fit it with an 11.1v battery you will void its warranty and as it's not designed for an 11.1v battery it could strip the internal gears making it unusable unless it was rebuilt. ©LORDOFWAR