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Running out of Gree Gas for your gas-powered gel blasters? Then check out the new puff Dyno Super Gas for your gel blasters. This oil-free Green Gas contains no silicon-based oil to keep parts fresh, more suitable to those who prefer to clean and maintain their green gas blasters themselves.

  • 1 x 560ml Can of Puff Dyno Power Up Green Gas
  • TIP 1: Make sure that when you are storing your Green Gas, they are not left in a location not directly in sunlight or hot environments, as there is I high probability that the Green Gas canister can Explode. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 2: Do not vent the magazine by pushing the release valve as this can freeze the seals and cause premature wear on the valves.
  • TIP 3: Do not consume or inhale the gas that expels, doing so may lead to serious injury or long-term health problems. If excessive gas is consumed call: 13 11 26 immediately. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 4: IMPORTANT!!! Green Gas is highly flammable, please keep Green Gas away from open flames or sparks as this could cause serious injury. ©LORDOFWAR