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Running out of Gree Gas for your gas-powered gel blasters? Then check out the new puff Dyno Super Gas for your gel blasters. This high-quality gas is perfectly designed for gel blasters. This version has fine silicon oil to smooth every shot, perfect for those that don't really want to tear down and lube up their blasters as often.

  • 1 x 600ml Can of Puff Dyno Super Gas for Gel Blasters
  • TIP 1: Make sure that when you are storing your Green Gas, they are not left in a location not directly in sunlight or hot environments, as there is I high probability that the Green Gas canister can Explode. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 2: Do not vent the magazine by pushing the release valve as this can freeze the seals and cause premature wear on the valves.
  • TIP 3: Do not consume or inhale the gas that expels, doing so may lead to serious injury or long-term health problems. If excessive gas is consumed call: 13 11 26 immediately. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 4: IMPORTANT!!! Green Gas is highly flammable, please keep Green Gas away from open flames or sparks as this could cause serious injury. ©LORDOFWAR