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Gel Ball Size:

7mm – 8mm


10 000 Rounds

Hydrating Time:

4 Hours

Storage Time:

1 Month






One of the less recognized gels that are on the market but by far not one of the worst. These SKD Orange Hardened gels are a great alternative for the standard gold packet of milky white gel balls. The advantage of orange gel compared to the white gels is that these gels perform better in most AK Style gel blasters due to the better friction that they have compared to the Milky White Gels.

  • 1 x Pack of 10,000 Rounds
  • TIP 1: When growing your Gel Balls it is important to use standard tap water at minimum. Do not use Bore Water as this can cause issues with the gel balls and give them inconsistent sizing. Causing them to jam up the internals of the blaster. The purer the water the better the gel balls will turn out, for the best hardness and consistency use Distilled Water. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 2: When Growing your gels in standard temperature tap water, they need to be fully submerged underwater for a minimum of 4-5 hours. Once you have grown your gels, leave them in water and keep them under 30 degrees and not in direct sunlight for a maximum of 2 weeks for best performance. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 3: Once your gel balls are ready for use, strain any excess water off before use, do not fully dry them as they need dampness for lubrication to work properly. ©LORDOFWAR
  • TIP 4: It is advised to not consume the gel balls, but in the case of accidental consumption the Gel Balls are completely safe, Non-Toxic, and environmentally friendly. If you do become concerned do call your local doctor or GP for more advice. ©LORDOFWAR