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Black Well M401 ABS Plastic Polymer Hopup for any Well M401 Gel Blaster. Being a flash hider style, this Hopup will fit on any Well M401 Gel Blasters with minimal movement and excellent accuracy due to the grub screw clamp system that holds it in place. With fully adjustable movement up and down this Hopup can be tuned to the user’s specification to get the most optimal accuracy and range out of this unit.

  • 1 x Well M401 Gel Blaster Hopup
  • 1 x Allen Key
  • 1 x Grub Screws

Attachment Method:

Grub Screw Lock

Shell Material:

ABS Polymer

Tooth Material:

ABS Polymer

Potential Range Increase:

5m – 10m

Attachment Point:

Inner Barrel